Flow 5 Venting Induction Hob

Let everything flow

The Flow 5 is A+++ energy rated, features 2 bridge zones and comes with charcoal filters for recirculation as standard. With an overall depth of only 200mm that allows for a greater storage area underneath, this elegant venting hob features slider touch controls and a 3.5 litre capacity spill tray. With high spec hob and powerful motor, the Flow 5 is the perfect option for cooking enthusiasts.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Suction Zone of the Flow 5 produces a high-speed air flow generating an attraction effect that expands higher, attracting the fumes towards the centre and drawing them inside.

Quick temperature selector with the slider: just touch the desired power level with a finger on the touch screen. The same happens with the suction zone, selecting the desired power.

The hob allows you to associate two cooking zones to create a single zone where you can use large containers or cook several dishes at the same time, with maximum flexibility when placing the containers.

  • Recall function
  • Independent timers
  • Container detection
  • Stop & go function
  • Heat maintenance
  • Timer function
  • Heat boost function
  • Multiple safety features

Technical information Hob:

• Touch control with Slider
• 9 power levels in each zone
• Bridge function (Bridge in right area)
• Power Boost function
• Recall function
• Stop & Go function
• Timer function in each zone.
• Independent timer
• Keep warm function
• Heating function.
• Automatic container detection
• Residual heat indicator
• Security lock

Cooking zones: 

• Rear Left 210×190 mm. 2100 W. – Power Boost 3000 W
• Front Left 210×190 mm. 2100 W. – Power Boost 3000 W
• Rear Right 210×190 mm. 2100 W. – Power Boost 3000 W
• Front Right 210×190 mm. 2100 W. – Power Boost 3000 W
• Maximum total power 6700 W.

Flat Plasma Filter F800 (code: 90373)
Plasma filter Flow 5 L750 (code: 90413)
R flat ducting Socle 60mm. H5 (code: 90404)
Recirculation Box-R Socle (code: 90267)