Nitro 360

The Nitro 360 hood can only be installed to false ceiling, for which the ceiling must be constructed to withstand a weight of 30kg.

INCLUDED MOTOR: R1000GP – Silence Plus
TYPE: Internal
FLOW: (Min – EN61591: 505 m3/h
FLOW: (Int – EN61591: 910 m3/
SOUND POWER: (Lw (Min: 45 dB(A
SOUND POWER:(Lw (Int: 59 dB(A
OUTLET: 220 x 90 mm.


Included Accessories:

  • Stainless steel finish or White Lacquered (RAL 9003)
  • Motors Silent PLUS R1000GP (A+)
  • Deferred stop (Last Time).
  • Perimetral aspiration.
  • LED lighting spotlights (4/7W)
  • Manual colour selector on hood 2700k/4000k/5500k
AirSoft 2 silencer duct (code: 90310)
Carbon filter FC Plus roof (code: 90384)
Cylindrical plasma filter c600 (code: 90372)
False ceiling grid (code: 90375)
Flat Plasma Filter F800 (code: 90373)
Recirculation Box-R flat ducting H2 (code: 90269)
Recirculation Box-R round ducting H1 (code: 90268)